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Sport Readiness Programs

DIESEL Athlete Programs are aligned with the athlete's needs at developmentally appropriate levels. 

STRENGTH TRAINING IS YEAR-ROUND The best athletes strength train all year long. We get it - the sport itself is the "fun" part for most athletes. Strength training is hard work. It takes commitment, focus and maybe even some early mornings. It's also one of the main reasons the best athletes make it to the top. Strength training is the foundation of your "house." With appropriate programming, it reinforces and enhances sport performance. Without a good foundation, the house will crumble. THE GOAL IS TO MAINTAIN A YEAR-ROUND PROGRAM THAT SUPPORTS AND ENHANCES PERFORMANCE. 

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EXPERTS AGREE: Science and medicine have both reported that the athlete who builds a physically sound foundation can prevent injury at a considerably higher degree than the athlete who focuses mainly on sport specific training or skills.

IN-SEASON programs are written so that the athlete can continue to benefit from a strength training program while avoiding muscle fatigue or soreness. Workouts can be scheduled around games, practices, etc...

OFF-SEASON / SECONDARY  programs are written to meet the specific needs and enhance the sport performance of each athlete. There is no one-size-fits-all.

Educated programming equates to measurable results,  a solid foundation and a healthy, successful athlete. 

COACHES ALWAYS IN HOUSE   Athlete supervision is constant. Our goal is to help the athlete to be self sufficient and confident in the weight room, however, they will always have the expert guidance and care of our knowledgeable coaches. Most college coaches find self sufficient, experienced, athletes to be a huge benefit for their team. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Recurring payment is for month to month programming, coaching & consulting services. We offer a pay-as-you-go auto billed service. Each registration includes a one-time $50 registration fee upon sign up. This fee cannot be waived and will apply again if service is discontinued.  This is not a contract - there is nothing to 'HOLD' or 'FREEZE.'

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